The Future of Capital Markets is Digitalized Tokens

Sandstone/Jameson has assembled an eco-system of highly qualified, institutional quality service providers to digitalize and tokenize real estate.

Sandstone/Jameson’s partnership with Oasis Pro Markets allows our clients to work with a regulated broker/dealer who will create a listing on a public or private portal providing primary offerings and secondary trading in compliance with SEC regulations and other legal requirements.

Investment opportunities are available globally to qualified investors including:


Family Offices,

Investment Funds,

High Net Worth Individuals, and

Other qualified/accredited investors. 

From accountants creating country club partnerships to Master Limited Partnerships, Private REITs, Public REITs, TICs, DSTs, LLCs – the real estate industry has always pursued new, more efficient, more effective ways to raise funds and diversify risk.

Digitalization and Tokenization are the next steps in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, expanding the investment base of institutional and small (fractionalized) investors, opening investment globally, and providing liquidity for what has historically been an illiquid asset.

The Future is Now

“…the next generation for markets, the next generation for securities, will be tokenization of securities.”
Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock


Alternative Trading System

Digitalization is the conversion of documents and information into electronic format stored in an unalterable, auditable, updatable format on a blockchain (secure “file cabinet”).

Tokens are digital “shares” tradeable on private or public exchanges – primary offerings or secondary trading.

Together they are the 21st century version of stocks, bonds, membership/partnership shares, and brokerage/investment accounts.

Tokens incorporate “smart contracts” (snippets of code) that automate an offering and associated workflow such as transfers of shares, distributions, capital table updates, etc. – with a full audit trail.

The Tokens are held on behalf of the investor by a qualified/regulated institutional custodian.

All funds are held/distributed by a regulated financial institution in accordance with the investment terms.

Smart Contracts are capable of handling complex structures including senior loans, A/B structures, mezzanine loans, preferred equity, GP, LPs, Members, etc.

Also, non-financial assets such as timeshares or club memberships.

Fractionalization (division of large investments into smaller, individual size units) allows access to a larger pool of small investors.

Benefits include automated data entry and retrieval

The software allows for potential integration of many legacy and third-party software such as property management and investor relationship programs.

Trusted data improves asset value and liquidity while reducing costs and timing of asset valuations, due diligence, and performance/investor reports.

An Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) trades digital assets representing paper assets such as stocks/bonds and “real-world assets” such digital securitized real estate.

Oasis Pro Markets has developed the first US-regulated ATS authorized to allow subscribers to trade digital securities.

Payment/Distributions can be in stablecoin (pegged to a currency, commodity, etc.) or fiat currency (such as U.S. Dollar).

The Sponsor/Borrower can decide which currency/coin is acceptable.

Benefits to Issuers: Access to a broad base of accredited and institutional investors, with support for all major security token standards and straightforward issuer onboarding including KYC (Know-Your-Client).

Benefits to Institutional Investors: Gain access to private or public digital security markets, with an efficient onboarding process and the ability to interface with a range of custodians.

Benefits to Accredited Investors: transparent access to a range of digital security investments on a user-friendly alternative trading system, with a simple and secure onboarding process.

Benefits to All:

  • Liquidity – Assets with limited or no place to trade are provided with a platform that investors/sellers can access with limited barriers.
  • Globalization – open worldwide to any approved, qualified investor with internet access.
  • Ease of Investment – investors trade tokens similar to trading stocks & bonds.
  • Portal – sponsor/investors have 24/7 access to information and communications.
  • Speed – settlement in a day instead of weeks.



Info Onboarding/Updating

Regulators/Investors/Clients often require or desire ESG/Sustainability reviews/monitoring.

Sandstone/Jameson has partnered with institutional quality service providers to assist clients with:

  • ESG Strategy, Implementation and Disclosure.
  • Sustainability reporting frameworks such as LEED, BREEM, or WELL
  • Climate reporting.
  • ESG ratings review and improvement.
  • Assistance in sustainable design strategies and energy and carbon savings plans.
  • Review of regulatory requirements.

Institutional investors often require updated documentation and valuations.

Sandstone/Jameson has partnered with institutional quality data managers to assist in:

  • Creation of secure, verified, and auditable documentation on a blockchain with updates.
  • Investor access to investment and operational information.
  • Creation of detailed workflows including calculating fees, expense allocations, and distributions.
  • Trusted, accessible data enhances valuation.
  • Periodic third-party asset valuation.
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Sandstone/Jameson does not offer regulatory or legal advice and issuers should consult with counsel.