The Future of Finance is Digital

Syndication + Smart Contracts + Blockchain + Global Reach + Secondary Trading

Sandstone/Jameson has assembled an eco-system of highly qualified, institutional quality service providers to digitalize and tokenize real estate.

Sandstone/Jameson’s partnership with Oasis Pro Markets allows our clients to work with a regulated broker/dealer who will create a listing on a public or private portal providing primary offerings and secondary trading in compliance with SEC regulations and other legal requirements.

Investment opportunities are available globally to qualified investors including:


Family Offices,

Investment Funds,

High Net Worth Individuals, and

Other qualified/accredited investors. 

From accountants creating country club partnerships to Master Limited Partnerships, Private REITs, Public REITs, TICs, DSTs, LLCs – the real estate industry has always pursued new, more efficient, more effective ways to raise funds and diversify risk.

Digitalization and Tokenization are the next steps in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, expanding the investment base of institutional and small (fractionalized) investors, opening investment globally, and providing liquidity for what has historically been an illiquid asset.

The Future is Now

“…the next generation for markets, the next generation for securities, will be tokenization of securities.”
Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock


Contact Us to Discuss Digitalization/Tokenization & Your Capital-Raising Goals

James Fried
Sandstone Realty Advisors

James McCarthy
Jameson Capital

Sandstone/Jameson does not offer regulatory or legal advice and issuers should consult with counsel.


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