Oasis Pro

Oasis Pro Markets, LLC is a full-service investment bank and registered Broker Dealer.

Oasis Pro Markets, LLC operates a multi-asset primary issuance and secondary trading platform for Asset Backed Securities, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Equity, Structured Products, BTFs, SEC Registered Funds, GP/LP Funds and Real Estate/REITS.

Oasis Pro Markets, LLC is a member of FINRA / SIPC / and SIFMA and is an SEC registered broker-dealer/Alternative Trading System and is registered in all 50 States.

Oasis Pro Markets, LLC operates a Multi-Asset Alternative Trading System (ATS) listing:

  • Public OTC Digital Asset Securities
  • Exempt Securities/Equity & Fixed Income/ GP & LP Funds
  • Reg. A/A+
  • Reg. D
  • Reg. CF
  • Reg. S
  • Rule 144/144A
  • Rule 701

Oasis Pro Transfer Agent, LLC is a regulated and licensed transfer agent for capital table management.

Oasis Pro Inc., through its’ subsidiaries, offers technology and software services to enable a seamless transition of an Issuer’s Securities to a tokenized format.

Oasis Pro API Manager provides issuers with a low-code/no-code secure connection to their existing software systems through the API Manager Dashboard enabling the issuer to control access, permissions, and how data is used. The Dashboard also converts the data into the appropriate format for tokenization and generates the rules and basic securities registration information into the base code of the issuer’s security. This allows the system itself or appropriate personnel to efficiently process and take appropriate action when information is received.

Oasis Pro Tokenization has the dynamic capability to allow the Issuer to select their blockchain, whether public or permissioned.

Oasis Pro Tokenization offers built-in compliance, multiple signature approvals, account and transaction privacy, with custom asset control contracts, capital call/distribution capabilities, waterfall capabilities, and with the ability to mint, burn, freeze, and force the transfer of tokens