What Is An Alternative Trading System?

An Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) trades digital assets representing paper assets such as stocks/bonds and “real-world assets” such digital securitized real estate.

Benefits to Issuers:

Access to a global base of accredited and institutional investors, with support for all major security token standards and straightforward issuer onboarding including Accredited Investor, KYC (Know-Your-Client), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).

Benefits to Institutional Investors:

Gain access to private or public digital security markets, with an efficient onboarding process and the ability to interface with a range of custodians.

Benefits to Accredited Investors:

Transparent access to a range of digital security investments on a user-friendly alternative trading system, with a simple and secure onboarding process, fractionalized into smaller required minimum investments.

Benefits to All:

  • Liquidity – Assets with limited or no place to trade are provided with a platform that investors/sellers can access with limited barriers.
  • Globalization – Open worldwide to any approved, qualified investor with internet access.
  • Ease of Investment – Investors trade tokens similar to trading stocks & bonds.
  • Portal – Sponsor/Investors have 24/7 access to information and communications.
  • Speed – Settlement in a day instead of weeks.