Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund Launches on Oasis Pro

Oasis Pro today announced the launch of the Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund. A groundbreaking collaboration between Oasis Pro, CoinDesk Indices, Polygon, BitGo, CoinFund and Methodic.

The first ETH staking fund benchmarked to CoinDesk ETX & CESR blended index can allow investors to further diversify their portfolio through a more stable cryptocurrency investment.

The Fund, an exempt offering under Regulation D, 506(C), and 3(c)(1), is designed to deliver the total return for Ethereum (ETH) investment exposure – consisting of both spot price and ETH staking rewards for accredited investors.  

This offering is only available to up to 100 accredited investors. This document does not constitute an offer of securities. Investors should carefully review all risk factors, conflicts, expenses, etc. disclosed by private placement memorandum.  It is not possible to invest directly in an index, in part because, Fund expenses will impact the Fund’s ability to track to the index.

Please Note: this is an informational announcement by Oasis Pro and does not involve Sandstone/Jameson.

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